Rebecca Laurey


outnet, vintage denim jacket

Rebecca Laurey, previously known as Raspberry & Rouge, was founded by Rebecca Laurey. Rebecca is currently living between Amsterdam and New York, chasing her dreams after graduating from her American History masters in 2011. A digital nomad, using this carefully curated website to share her personal style, beauty tips and travel adventures. Internationally recognized in the fields of fashion, digital and social media, plus e-commerce, Rebecca has collaborated with brands from Topshop to Hermes and Armani as social media and brand consultant, digital influencer, guest designer and ambassador. She also featured as a guest on several commercial television networks over the years and was featured in print and online by the likes of VOGUE, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair and The New York Times among many.

Rebecca Laurey focuses on high quality content, documenting her journey each day as it comes, captivating imaginations all over the world.