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December 18, 2017
rebecca laurey ralph van vugt

rebecca laurey ralph van vugtrebecca laurey ralph van vugtrebecca laurey ralph van vugtrebecca laurey ralph van vugtrebecca laurey ralph van vugtrebecca laurey ralph van vugtrebecca laurey ralph van vugtrebecca laurey ralph van vugt


Our very first holiday season in New York! We’ve been back and forth so much over the past few years, but we’ve finally taken the plunge by moving to New York fulltime. Moving in late Fall also means moving just before the holidays, which is kind of amazing. The city is slowly turning into a winter wonder land with pretty festive lights everywhere! It’s the best! After summer it’s definitely my favorite time of the year, so cozy! And with the new apartment slowly coming together (or at least we hope to have some furniture in by the end of December), it’s time to start thinking beyond painting the walls and what couch we want to have. Now we’re slowly settling in, I’m starting to think about my plans for the last week of the year. NYE is just a little over a week from now, so soon. No clue what we’re doing just yet, but fortunately we have our outfits sorted! Ralph and I both went for looks with a velvet touch, found on Gilt’s New Year’s Eve dressing sale. I picked this beautiful Trina Turk dress that will last me way beyond NYE, and Ralph has found that jacket that will work on all the New Year’s parties we’ll have in the next few weeks. Winning! One of the fun things about moving countries, and in my case even continents, is that you get introduced to so many new stores and websites to get your goodies on! Gilt is one of those online destinations so great for finding that perfect gift for your loved ones. Or that amazing outfit sold out everywhere else. Arriving with only half of our wardrobe to the city, websites like Gilt come in so handy. Not only because of their big assortment of goods (we also ordered our bed from there!), but not in the least because of the (discounted) price point. Moving is expensive, as you can imagine, so saving a buck or two this month is something I’m not too mad about! We are read for the holidays, are you?


Ph. by Zanita, editing by me


Rebecca: Trina Turk dress via GILT, Ralph: Paisley & Grey jacket



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