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March 14, 2017
rebecca laurey lfw topshop

rebecca laurey lfw topshop strange thing sweaterstrange thing sweater

Topshop jeans, boots and jacket, Illustrated people strange thing sweater, Mango earrings


That hoodie. I remember myself telling Zanita, who I was staying with during London Fashion Week, that I wasn’t sure about my look. Minuted before I left the hotel I started doubting if I chose right. Obviously too late, so I sucked it up and just owned it. With success! I think it might be my “most photographed look” when it comes to street style, and according to my Instagram followers (especially) the hoodie was a hit. Funny how those things go, how I can feel insecure about something that ended up being so right. Well at least to “others” it was, and afterwards I must admit I agree. The strange thing sweater is winning for sure, I just thought the color might not be flattering, and that in combination with the blue and white it was “too intense”. So glad I didn’t change into something else! I guess I just needed to step out my comfort zone, something that can go both ways. But in this case it was definitely the right decision. I don’t like the fact that I need the confirmation from others to confirm I made the right decision. Not when it’s about fashion, or any other thing in life. I want to be always sure of what I do an wear, but sometimes insecurity takes over. Ah well, it happens to the best of us no?


Ph. Adam Katz Sinding for Vogue Russia, Nabily Quenum for NY Magazine.




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