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September 25, 2016

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All sweaters from White + Warren


Home is where the heart is… But where is home when the heart is in two different places? In those two places right? For me both Amsterdam and New York feel like home, Amsterdam because that’s still officially where I live and all my friends and family are. New York because it’s the city I spent so much time in over the past few years, getting to know my way around, meeting new friends and working with new brands. One of those brands is White + Warren. I wasn’t really familiar with them until last February’s New York Fashion Week, when I got one of their amazing cashmere hats in a goodie bag. I basically didn’t take it off because it was freezing in New York back then and I didn’t bring anything to protect me from it. More recently I discovered their collection of knits. And although you might not say so when you look outside, winter is creeping up on us so we’d better start prepping our wardrobes. No time like the present to get ready for the new season. I’m excited to start layering up again, and I never thought I’d say so, but perhaps I am that kind of girl that loves having four seasons in a year.

I wore my favorite knits from the White + Warren collection at some of my favorite locations in both of my “homes”. In Amsterdam those mostly centre around the Nine Streets, one of the oldest and prettiest parts of town. Getting a juice, buying flowers for my apartment, or just cycling around. Whatever I do, I always want to feel comfortable when I’m in the Netherlands. So I tend to opt for jeans or loose fitted dresses paired with chunky knits. In New York on the other hand, I usually go all out with fashion. I dress up more when I go out for dinner or drinks, adding more accessories to my knitwear for a more elevated look. I started to wear more cardigans too, easy to use both just like a sweater or more like a stole a bit off-shoulder. I love the ones from White + Warren in particular because they’re super easy to combine with most in my wardrobe, neutral tones work well when you travel a lot because you can pair it with anything printed or plain. When the colder season really starts, I’m ready – let’s do this!


Amsterdam pics by Melody Lieftink, NYC pics by Ralph van Vugt, all editing by me

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