Rebecca Laurey



April 24, 2016



The Spice Girl era. Were you a fan? Perhaps you’re not old enough to be so. But if you are, may I ask who you “were” back then? If you were a fan you know what I’m talking about. Most girls my age “were” one of the five Spice Girls. My sisters and I were always fighting about who got to “be” who. For me, it was clear from the beginning who I would be. Can you guess? Definitely not Sporty Spice, since I’ve never really liked working out – that would’ve been inappropriate. And Baby Spice? Nehh, not for me, too obedient I guess. But who?

This look reminded me of that time in my life, and I’m always curious to know if you guys did the same thing back then. I have never been the “fan” type of girl when I was young. Of course, I played with my barbie dolls, I loved Mickey Mouse and Winnie de Pooh. When I was a bit older I did collect CDs, and the Spice Girls were just one of the bands that I loved. But they did have a certain special power over little girls back then. Marketing wise it was a very clever concept, everyone could identify with at least one of their “personalities”. Now I’m curious to know: which one of the Spice Girls “were” you when you were younger? And who do you think I “was”?

Tibi shorts and top / Ganni shoes




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