Rebecca Laurey



April 6, 2016



Hey there! Welcome to the new and improved (that’s up to you to decide) And yes you heard right: Rebecca Laurey. It’s time to say good bye to Raspberry & Rouge. It was great, we had a lot of fun, but it’s time for the next step! I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now, I almost can’t believe it’s already been “that long”. I never expected my blog to become my full-time job, ever! When I started out I didn’t know anything or anyone, it was really just a hobby, next to my “real” job I had back then. I didn’t know I could make money with my blog, let alone make it my full-time job. It’s crazy but true: if you can dream it, you can do it. I strongly believe in doing what you love and loving what you do in order to be happy. Obviously it’s not all sunshine, not every day at least. I have had my fair share of tough times, just like everyone else, and don’t always choose to share everything. For me, being a blogger means sharing a lot of yourself, but everyone is entitled to a private life.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about where I want to go with my website and brand in the future. I don’t like big changes overnight, so slowly I hope to be finding what I’m looking for. One huge step is changing my brand’s name into my own (maiden) name: Rebecca Laurey. It’s a personal blog, so why not use my own name as it is pretty easy to remember and pronounce for most people across the globe? It feels more grown up – if you catch my drift – than the name I basically random made up a few years ago. In the end my blog is about me, so I guess it makes sense, right? My new Instagram handle is @rebeccalaurey (huge thanks to Instagram for helping me finally claim my own name on the platform), so is the title of my Facebook page. It feels good, refreshing and oh-so-right. I’m not planning on changing the content hugely, I just want it to be bigger and better. Baby steps into a new future, I really hope you guys will keep on following along. Sounds corny, but without each and every one of you out there I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. So thanks, let’s keep on rocking!!

  • I’m so excited for the new launch! I love the sound of this new step, I feel like as Zanita, you’re taking another road, but for the best, and as long as you’re in, I’ll support you (even if we don’t know each others). Oh, and you’re staying my #1 role model haha! Want to achieve such step! x

  • Love the new page as well as the change in your blog’s name! Looks so good!

  • Congratulations Rebecca! The new blog looks amazing! xo, Christina

  • Totally adore the new design – can’t wait for all your amazing inspiring posts in the future!
    x. Mirjam

  • Loving the new look site and seriously loving this shot, stunning!

    Great work and looking forward to seeing all the changes your going to make

    Mel x