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February 15, 2016

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Valentine’s Day. Yesterday was all about love, or at least that’s what commerce would like us to think. And although I’m all for celebrating the one I love, I don’t think I need a special day to honor what we have. We should be doing that every day of the year, no? But since the hype obviously doesn’t leave me untouched 100%, I decided to share something special today, ok one day late but still. It’s a first on Raspberry & Rouge and I’m so curious to hear what you guys think. I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking lately, as some of you might know, and I want to change things up a bit. I want to reach more of you out there, and not only the female readers. So here we are, introducing my main man Ralph – always on the go. With his experience as a DJ/producer he knows what it’s like to travel all over the world and he definitely has his preferences when it comes to the gear he’ll take with him. You have to be decisive when it comes to that, living the lifestyle we live. You simply can’t bring everything, so making the most of what we have is crucial. Staying connected is everything!

Enter the Movado Bold Motion, Engineered by HP smartwatch. Ralph has been switching around between his dad’s old watch and some more modern looking designs lately. The watch he is wearing in this post falls right in-between the two. It’s an analog dial with a vintage feel, but the features of this piece are exactly what the “modern man” wants and needs in his life: staying connected with the world around you through messages, notifications (calendar, priority calls and texts), movement and more. It has an illuminating design that’s chic and casual at the same time. Even I would wear it with an oversized shirt and mom jeans perhaps. Movado means “always in motion”, which is exactly where we are at in this time of our lives- setting our daily goals, tracking our progress over a certain amount of time. We want our gear to grow with us, wherever we go. And look great while we’re at it anyway. I really like this watch on him. It has all the features he might need without the accompanying clunky design. Ralph is all for the less is more theory, just like I am, and this watch suits that thought.

I figured it would be fun to give Ralph a little platform here too, since he is such a big part of my life. Sharing what he likes and loves, next to what I’m currently doing. My man, my love, his watch. Less is smart!

Ph. by The Urban Spotter

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