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January 27, 2016
new york fashion blogger

new york fashion blogger

Will the 70s styling stay for another season? My guess is yes, big time yes, and I sort of love it. But today, I’m wondering whether you love it too. Because it’s been around for a few seasons now, and you might get bored of seeing the flares by now. Or the fringes for that matter! Anyway, I’ve been stocking up on off shoulder tops and new knitted flares. I can definitely go for another season or two. I just feel it’s so flattering on almost everyone! When I was in Madrid the other day visiting my sister, I’ve discussed it with her as well. She told me she really had to get used to the flared leg, that she didn’t like it at first sight, but now she’s obsessed. So curious to hear your opinion on the matter! Take or toss?

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