Rebecca Laurey



January 20, 2016


Just a short note from me to you on this hump day. Because this Wednesday it’s FINALLY time for a little vacay. A short 14 hour (!) flight away from a week in Mexico, doing (hopefully) a whole lot of nothing. I plan on switching my “out-of-office” mode on, quite literally, and just enjoy a little sun filled holiday on the other side of the globe. I’m not one for skiing, I don’t do well in the cold, so I feel super lucky to be on my way to the airport, as we speak, to fly down to Playa del Carmen, near Tulum, in the middle of the winter! Can you imagine living in a place where it feels like summer all year round? I sure can’t! Anyway, I do have to shoot a few projects while I’m out there, so a little work is involved, but I don’t think it’s going to be hard at all to get some nice shots from what I’ve googled so far. Any tips for that part of Mexico are very welcome, so let me know if you have any in the comment section. I’m off!!

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