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January 10, 2016


It’s coat weather for sure. While I could still do with a leather jacket only a few weeks ago, during the Indian Fall or pre-Spring temperatures we were having, I definitely need to bundle up now. We even had snow last week, can you believe it? Ok, Amsterdam technically didn’t have snow, but the north of the Netherlands did have some. I don’t really do well in the cold, and I’m slowly starting to panic about New York and the circumstances we’ll be facing there. Everyone I told I was going to NYC all of February told me I was nuts, it’s so freaking cold! But hey, if I want to move to the city, I need to be able to handle winter there too, no? So I figured, since I’ve spent many (and with many I mean MANY) hours on the web surfing for proper coats, I would dedicate this grey Sunday post to sharing my favorites with you. You can find them in the carousel below, all items are clickable (and on sale!). Win-win, no?

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