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January 6, 2016


I took a little step down from work the past week to fully recover mentally (I’ve been quite stressed the last 2 months of 2015) and physically from the last year (hence, I didn’t take any rest). I’ve noticed that when I did take a those days to rest a bit more/work a bit less, I felt so tired! Do you guys know that feeling? I guess a lot of bloggers tend to show only the positive and uplifting side of their lives, but I think it’s only fair to show that I’m human and also feel off from time to time. I figured it was a way for my body to say that I need that more often, take a little break every once in a while! So here I go, into the new year, trying to figure out a schedule that works better for me. Time to set my priorities straight! I don’t want to drown myself in emails, so I told myself it’s ok if people don’t get a response immediately. Also, if I don’t have the time or proper weather conditions to shoot a post, it should be ok not to post for a day. Because if I feel better, my body feels better, my skin will be better and my work will also benefit. There’s simply not that much I can do about all the external factors (weather etc), the only thing I control is myself. With all the work and travel stuff coming up, I’d better make it work!

Thus I took a few good steps into a healthier lifestyle. I’ve started doing hot yoga a couple of months ago, and I actually keep on going which is a good sign. It feels good to zone off for an hour, a few times a week, and not having think about anything or anyone else. Not working out for so long was simply not smart – my body needs that. I also bought a blender from some gift vouchers we got for Christmas. I got a lot of fresh fruits and veggies to create some yummy smoothies and juices with to start or break my day with. As I’m quite the rookie, I can definitely use recipe suggestions, so if you have any, please shoot! And last but not least, as much as I love my wine, I’m going to try not to drink any until my holiday in Mexico in three weeks. Now I’ve said these things here, I need to keep it up, no? I have to be in a bikini so soon (leaving the 20th)! There’s not time like the present I guess! How are you starting your year? Any resolutions?

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  • pia

    I hope you will be able to find a new schedule that works better for you!
    Lunjasky bloglovin

  • Im really not a new years resolution kinda girl, but I have to say I am thinking about going straight into action, and making some changes in my life. But still… Im living in Slovenia, which is a such small country where being a former fashion editor, stylist and blogger still doesnt mean anything.
    Just today we were talking about how we dont actually know any cons of being a very known blogger, hence we only see the beautiful side of it- but still we kinda all dream about living a life like that. Travelling, seeing beautiful locations, having so many work opportunities and also earning money while leaving such great life, if we are honest.

    But you know, this is why I really like following you. I find you have such great energy, plus you are not afraid of being honest. Which is what I appreciate the most.
    lots of love

    • Hey dear Macina, thanks so much for your message! I really appreciate that and totally get what you’re feeling. It’s hard to continuously put yourself out there and put up a brave face. Persistence is everything though, we just have to really believe in ourselves 🙂 All the best and thanks SO much for following! xx

  • Andrea

    I got two big resolutions for 2016. First thing is that i finally want to make some sport.I´m such a lazy person and that has to end 😀

    The other thing is that i am starting my blog next month -i´m so excited!
    You´re my favourite blogger by the way 😉

  • Wat goed dat je je rust pakt en op je gezondheid let. Ik ben zelf net een beginnende blogger en heb het al druk, laat staan met jouw planning. Ik vind je blog nog steeds geweldig en ik weet zeker dat ik niet de enige ben die dat vind. Geniet van een nieuw en succesvol jaar en keep up the good work. Liefs Anouk!

  • Ally

    I felt the same way going into the the holiday season. It was too much – and I felt haggered through most of it. Time to clear the schedule and have some “me time”.

    If you’re looking for recipes check out my blog; There are some great recipes (including smoothies) and plenty of healthy food and lifestyles tips and tricks.

    Keep smiling from the inside.

    Totziens! 🙂