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December 28, 2015
sunset nyc

sunset nyc

This time of the year, around Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect – usually more quiet – time to start reflecting on the past year bit personally and professional. While we’ll come to the personal aspect in a different post, I wanted to discuss my professional reflection on the past year. I know it doesn’t necessarily have to be this time of the year to reflect on the stuff you’ve done, but it’s just more quiet on the email and thus more time for other things I usually don’t get to. So here we are, the last week ok 2015, a new year is about to commence. This year was a good one, a really good one, but there’s always room to improve. So I’ve started thinking about the things I’d like to do better, how to be more creative, where I’d like to expand my business too. And things are gonna happen next year, that’s for sure. I’m not gonna spill the beans right now because that would spoil all the fun, but I will list a few things for you to reflect on blogwise:

  1. Design. Are you happy with the way it looks right now? What would you like to improve? Which features can be deleted and which ones should definitely be on the “to-install” list. Can you do the changes yourself or do you need someone to help you out. If so, who would that person or company be? Perhaps you’re very satisfied, so you can tick this one off the list. I have a little overview for myself of things I’d love to see differently site-wise, and I’ll start working on them in the foreseeable future.
  2. Content. What do you post about? Does it make sense? What would you like to post about in the future? Content is key, the most important factor on your website. So you want to make sure it’s the best it can be. But also: how frequent do you post? Do you want to up the speed? What would you post about then? Lots of things to think about.
  3. Social Media. Same story could go for social media. On what channels are you active? Would you like to add on to your spectrum? If so, which one would that be? Now’s the time to finally update your Pinterest account or test out Snapchat. Or maybe even Periscope, explore new options. But also: what do you post, how often and does it make sense? Wouldn’t you rather update a few channels frequently and properly, not focusing on the amount of channels you use but the quality of them?
  4. Expansion. It’s also the time to look ahead: where do you want to go? What would you like to do in the future? Does it involve your blog? If so, maybe you can do some brainstorming. A good preparation is everything, so even if your next step is lightyears ahead, it never hurts to start thinking about what you want to grow into and how to get there.
  5. Travel. Now for me this is a huge chunk of what I do on a yearly basis. I love traveling! And maybe you do too? Anyway, there’s loads of ways to do just that. Make a shortlist for yourself of where you want to go and why, but also when. So you know what you’re working for, what you’re saving up for. It might be a sponsored trip, a family vacation or a city break with your boyfriend. Whatever it is, some planning is not gonna harm you. Hotels and flights are usually cheaper to book in advance, when you’re schedule allows it, and it’s always good to do some research on locations to shoot for your blog. Or restaurants to eat at, hotels to sleep in or adventures you want to embark on.

I’m so curious to hear, what’s you story? What are you reflecting on and what are your plans for the future?

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