Rebecca Laurey



December 16, 2015
wedding raspberry rouge rebecca laurey

wedding raspberry rouge rebecca laurey

Today I’m going to keep in short. Because today lovely readers, I have something better to do (I’ll explain!). Yes the first few hour that I’m awake I’ll be working – because hey it’s almost Christmas and I’d love to catch people before they leave for the holidays. But after that it’s time to celebrate! Today is my 12-year anniversary! So that’s what I should be focusing on, no? And we’re spending it as husband and wife for the very first time, which makes it even more special this time around. I will not bore you guys with my love story, but I did want to take a quick moment to say thank you to Ralph. My everything, thanks for being you and always supporting me – you’re awesome!

You can find all the pics from my wedding here!

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