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December 15, 2015
stars stripes onesie

stars stripes onesie stars stripes onesiestars stripes onesiestars stripes onesiestars stripes onesiestars stripes onesiestars stripes onesieWearing: ONEPIECE onesie, Nike shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses.

We probably don’t have to discuss my love for New York again. I made it pretty clear over the last few months. However, I haven’t gone as far as I am today: wearing my stars and stripes onesie from ONEPIECE on Times Square. I figured that if I ever wore this one, it had to be on Times Square. I was not feeling amazing that day, one of those Sundays when you’re too tired to function but need to get a lot of stuff done. So Ralph and I decided to walk all the way from our place in Soho uptown, crossing the ever so famous location where we shot this look. I just had too! You can imagine all the looks I got from other people, and I wasn’t photographed by just my photographer – let’s just put it that way. But I guess I was asking for it! These onesies have served me so well the last few months. Perfect to travel in or to wear during lazy weekends in. And guess what? You can win on too, for you and your friend. How? Keep a close eye on my Instagram to find out.

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