Rebecca Laurey



December 2, 2015


You might know the feeling. At least I hope so! I hope I’m not alone on this one. You’re abroad and don’t really miss home. Yeah, of course you miss the people you left behind: your family and friends. But you don’t really feel like going back any time soon. I have that ALL the time, no matter how long I’m away. It’s pretty rare for me being on a plane back “home” (for now that’s still Amsterdam) feeling excited to go. Partly due to the fact that I’m super restless, I get bored very fast. And maybe it’s because it’s never enough? Who knows. Traveling just gives me that kick, a rush that I’m addicted to. But being back in the Dam, after a few days that is, feels pretty darn good too. Because nothing is as important as having those people you love close to you. And as amazing as I think New York is, and we’re definitely gonna be back more and more (maybe fulltime soon?), home will always be where they are. Not where I have my apartment, or the city I lived in for years. Now this is going to sound super corny, but home is in your heart as well. It’s there with you at all times, but it needs investments too. Quality time. Skyping or texting is not enough. So I’m gonna do a whole lot of that before I leave again! But before I do so, I’m gonna enjoy my big love NYC for just a little longer. Tonight is the night I’ve been dreading (flying back home) – but next weekend is one I look forward to so much. A big Dutch celebration is on the menu (Sinterklaas) so yay for that and seeing everyone again. Speak soon!

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