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Personal Tips


November 18, 2015


You are feeling down… It’s almost winter time, it’s getting colder and more grey outside, the hours of daylight are rapidly decreasing. I get it! We all have it from time to time. There’s no need to feel ashamed or bad about it. Whether it’s actually the weather (we always blame it on that, don’t we) or it’s some sort of astrological sign or perhaps something more “real” like a missed goal. Whatever it is, there’s always a solution! Now I’m no doctor, and don’t want to go to deep into things as I’m obviously not qualified too, but I can share what helps me on those darker days. Because yes, of course, I have them too.

Feeling down affects your day-to-day life and work efforts. You know what you need to do, you know what you want to do, but somehow both are not working out. It’s that little demon in your head that holds you back. So what do we want to do? Get rid of that demon, before he starts to take over. How to pick yourself up when you’re down?

  1. Take a shower or a long bath. Just laying around in your underwear or PJs is not going to do you any good. Just a simple shower, and feeling clean, can do wonders for your mood! Brush your teeth, apply that day cream, a spritz of perfume – do whatever you usually do when you wake up and might start to perk up already.
  2. Eat well. It’s the number one thing I need to repeat to myself over and over again. To eat well, no matter what mood I’m in. The fact that I’m grumpy or sad, shouldn’t mean my body needs to suffer too. Eating well and healthy does your mind and body so much good.
  3. Make a list. For me this really helps. What I’m feeling is usually because there’s too much incitement going on in my head. So much to do, so little time. It’s overwhelming! Here’s what you do: get a pen and paper, or your laptop (whatever works for you) and start writing down what you need to do in bullet points. Whatever it is that’s messing with your thoughts, you’re gonna tackle it step by step.
  4. Action required. So now what. There’s this list staring at you, but you’re still feeling shit. It happens. What you need to do now is start ticking boxes! If the number one on your list feels too much right now, take number two. Or whichever one feels like the least effort, in the end it’s key that you start and not really where. The fact that you’re doing something means distraction aka taking your mind of your worries and sorrows.
  5. Exercise. Now I’m not the one to say, I know that, since I don’t really do exercise. I started doing hot yoga though, and sssssst don’t tell anyone, kind of miss that out here. Which makes another point on my list: find a good yoga place in New York, because here there are simply no excuses (yoga everywhere!). Just do it!
  6. Get out! Ok so maybe starting to work out when you never do is a bit too much, but whatever you opt for, make sure you get out of the house. Hello fresh air! Even when it’s raining, being outside will change your mood. of the house and do something. Staying home all the time can really get you down, and you may not realize this until you go out and do something – preferably something on your list of course.
  7. Musica Feliz. Whatever cheers you up, play it. For me right now that would be The Weekend probably, I love their tracks! Everyone has a certain band or artist that just makes them feel good. Now is the time people, put it on and turn that volume up (doing it)!
  8. Talk it through. Even just mentioning it, without going into it to deep, to whoever is there for you, helps. Because for one you’re not alone in it anymore, and two you might be drowning in your own sh* and someone else can pull you out. Even if you don’t have that friend or family member on call, there are multiple ways to reach out (anonymously).

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