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November 15, 2015
aldo shoes fashion blogger

aldo shoes fashion blogger
aldo shoes fashion bloggeraldo shoes fashion bloggeraldo shoes fashion bloggeraldo shoes fashion bloggeraldo shoes fashion bloggerWearing: Ganni knit, Levi’s customized jeans, Urban Outfitters sunglasses and Aldo shoes.

New York does something to me. It changes me you might say, it makes me want to do more and be better. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I know it’s happening to me again. I guess the city just gets the best out of me! I’ve always had that, I’ve been obsessed with NYC since I was a little girl. Coming here made it even stronger. Perhaps you know those moments, where you think something is probably gonna disappoint because you’ve been hyping it so much beforehand and then it doesn’t, it exceeds your expectations – time and time again. I have that here. I know I’ve explained my love story with the city before, but I promise I’m getting somewhere here.

Because the city doesn’t only change my attitude towards work, feeling more inspired by the change of scenery (so many locations to shoot at, so many people to meet), but it also changes the way I choose my looks. There’s an effortlessness to it that I find hard to explain. It’s more colorful, that’s for sure. Casual outfits, but always with a twist. Right now the temperatures are finally dropping here, so we can layer up again and wear those chunky knits. Finally, yes, copying what I’ve heard ‘”real” New Yorkers say all around last week. Because it’s been hot out here up until recently! I don’t mind summer, don’t get me wrong, but I’m happy I can start making more use of my transitional pieces now. Although I brought a lot of knits and pairs of jeans, aka “casual Becks,” I do have more options when it comes to finishing my looks. It’s all in the details, no? A statement bag or a pair of shoes can upgrade your entire look in a split second. So when it comes to the fall and winter season, I love focusing on those pieces – the ones that can change your outfit instantly. Proof that jeans and a knit don’t have to be boring at all when you’re wearing the right shoes. With these burgundy (color of the season!) suede heels from ALDO I got myself covered, it’s the ‘pop’ my outfit needed. Usually I’d opt for black heels, ‘cause they work with everything, but now I decided I wanted to go for something less obvious and thus the choice for this pair and color. The shoes are part of ALDO’s “Sweet Rebellion” collection, inspired by romance and rebellion. For me they truly represent my love story with New York: fun and out there, but still sophisticated. Inspiration is everywhere!

And you don’t have to break the bank. Get the amazingly affordable shoes here!*

* This blog was written prior to the events in Paris. My thoughts are with the people out there, I hope for peace and safety in Paris and everywhere in the world. Loads of love from NYC to all you out there!

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