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November 8, 2015

onepieceonepieceonepieceonepieceonepieceonepieceWearing: ONEPIECE suit (take 20% off with my personalized discount code RASPBERRYNROUGE), Levis jacket, Adidas shoes.

We have all been through it. Whether you fly occasionally or make it a weekly matter: what do we wear on the plane/train/car ride. It’s a tough one because a. we want to look ok-ish and b. be comfortable at the same time. I’m not the one to travel in a track suit, not even on long haul flights, since I just really don’t like wearing it. And I know loads of you will be with me on this one, but obviously many will disagree – because does it really matter what we wear when we travel? I’d like to take every opportunity to wear something special, or dress up, as they come. Why not make that little extra effort?

So just imagine my excitement when this ONEPIECE came in, right on time for my flight to the US. Pilot suit what??? Couldn’t think of a more perfect ensemble for my trip overseas. Comfortable: check. Fun: check. I guess this one perfectly fits into the “weird, but nice” box. It can double as your go-to costume for dress up parties, or work perfectly fine on that Sunday afternoon binge watching your favorite TV series. So how do we make this work? Traveling in style shouldn’t be too hard, and with these tips it might just become even easier:

  1. Wear a onesie. I know, obvious one, but it really is a great tip. Yeah it might be more tricky in the airplane or train bathrooms, but you’ll be done dressing in a flash and look fabulous straight away. You might opt for a funky one like the one above, or a simple black version. Find multiple options here (take 20% off with my personalized discount code RASPBERRYNROUGE).
  2. Bring a statement jacket. You can wrap it around your waist or shoulders, and will have an outfit upgrade in a split second when needed.
  3. Get the most out of your wrap around scarf. The temperatures in planes vary all the time. The one moment it’s sweltering hot, and the next it’s freezing cold. Wherever I go, whether it’s a destination with warmer temperatures or not, I take my wrap around scarf with me. Next to it’s main function as, drum rolls, a scarf, it can double as a blanket. It just makes the ride that much more comfortable and cosy.

So now I’m wondering, what would you wear? Any tips you’d care to share?

PS. Next to the 20% off at ONEPIECE with my discount code RASPBERRYNROUGE the brand also offers you the following which I think is mega awesome: on their website you can now pay using your social media following (aka social currency). You get $1 per 500 followers in discount and you get $20 extra discount if you share on facebook and twitter. Winning!

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