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November 6, 2015
sydney fashion blogger

sydney fashion blogger

Flashback to last year in Australia. Still feels kind of amazing that I’ve been down under! We were there because Ralph was touring the country for a few weeks. I stayed in Sydney for the biggest part of the trip due to work obligations. It did help that my good friend Zanita was there too, which means loads of fun. This shoot was part of my collaboration with The Outnet back then, and still one of my favorites. This week I decided I need to start upping my posting game, so I’m thinking of ways to provide you with more content so you guys can see something “new” every day. I’ve re-posted old looks for a while last year and don’t really know why I stopped. It’s just fun to relive those moments, bringing back memories. And for those of your who are sort of new to my website, this is a fun way to see what I’ve done before. Win-win no?

Find the full post and the details of what I’m wearing¬†here.

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