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October 15, 2015
balmain jeans fashion blogger

balmain jeans fashion bloggerbalmain jeans fashion bloggerbalmain jeans fashion bloggerbalmain jeans fashion bloggerbalmain jeans fashion bloggerbalmain jeans fashion bloggerbalmain jeans fashion bloggerWearing: Balmain jeans, Alexander Wang top, Dune heels, Jimmy Choo bag (different color here), Anine Bing sunglasses, Larsson & Jennings watch.

When does tacky become too tacky? Wearing the look above, although I love every separate item, combining the pieces, I felt like it was too tacky. My husband loved the look, so his conviction did convince me to go out wearing the ensemble anyway. And we ended up shooting it, simply because I’d love to hear your take on the matter. Because when is it too much? I do think that I need to cross boundaries every once in a while, and that outfits can be sexy. Because Ralph was so sure this outfit was not too much, I’m wondering if it is just me. What do you guys think? Obviously it’s ok to experiment, to switch things up. It might be more an outfit for drinks at night with my friends, who knows. Then again, those jeans: so wrong that they’re right. I love them! They obviously make quite the statement. Jeans like that don’t require much more than a simple top.


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  • Lilja

    I think you can wear whatever you want if you just carry the outfit with good confidence and with the right attitude! I love your tacky style, haha 🙂
    – Lilja,

  • Stephanie

    I love that jeans and shoes. It’s so cool!

  • Hahaha, yes it is a bit tacky, but you sure know how to do it in a good way!! Love this look so yes, I agree with Ralph! Xx Susanne –

  • Melanie

    I really love your Outfit – your husband is absolutely right !
    But i think it is although they way you wear this Outfit – maybe someone would look a little bit tacky in it but you not ! 🙂

  • I think this outfit is fun and colorful. I don’t think it’s tacky, but it’s definitely a different look for you. I like it 🙂

  • claudia

    Wow those jeans are so cool! Love the sandals too!

  • Leesa

    I have to admit, the pants are too much 90s for me, so I am on your side there…

  • Maybe it only becomes a bit tacky when you doubt yourself? I would have totally hammed it up even further, with sneakers and a 90s denim jacket. BAD ASS!!!
    Miss u x

    • Yes!! This one was for Ralph though. I would’ve totally styled it 90s all da way!! #90sbaby

  • Pia Hocevar Mucic

    I think it looks pretty cool, I love it because your styled the pants with a simple top!
    Lunjasky bloglovin

  • Oh my, did I just jumped back in time – it is not my piece of cake but you can definitely wear it! 🙂
    xo, Christina