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October 8, 2015
layering fashion blogger

layering fashion bloggerlayering fashion bloggerlayering fashion bloggerlayering fashion bloggerlayering fashion bloggerlayering fashion bloggerWearing: SET coat (similar here), Ganni top, Tibi skirt, Topshop boots, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Topshop bag.

You guys might know by now that I’m a big advocate of the credo “less is more”. I think clothes should speak for themselves, because if they’re powerful enough on their own, they don’t really need much else. But then again, sometimes you just want to have a little bit more fun with the styling. This is where layering comes in. For multiple reasons. Spending time in New York requires you to layer, not the least because of the unpredictable weather: crisp morning, late afternoon summer rain, cooling down at night. And all of that without being overdressed. Here’s how to master your layering skills:

  1. Fabrics: mixing is key, without having to mix prints necessarily. If you’re sporting a tonal look, you can make it a whole lot more exciting by mixing and matching with different fabrics in your clothes. Like here, I’m wearing a lace top and padded skirt with leather boots and a sturdy cotton oversized coat.
  2. Lengths: playing around with lengths is not only fun, it really elevates your outfits. Think a big coat and short skirt like here. Or big flares with a cropped polo neck shirt. It’s up to you to make that work!
  3. Colours: you can go tonal or go wild. Depending on your mood and personal style I would stick to a certain color palette. Since you don’t want to overdo it either. In this look I’m wearing all softer tones: white, grey, beige and army green.
  4. Pop: make it stand out! By throwing a statement tee or bright color in the mix you can focus on one specific item, the rest should simply compliment that piece.
  5. Details: and last but not least, we know it’s all in the details. A little peek of that lace top underneath your sweater. Or an oversized shirt, borrowed from your man with un-cuffed sleeves under that denim jacket. A beautiful bag that brings all the colors from your look together.

You name it, you can do it. And with the colder seasons upon us (in the Northern part of this world), we need to start mastering those layering tricks. Hopefully these tips can help you figure some of that out, would love to know if you have some up your sleeve as well?!


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