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September 24, 2015
jeans fashion blogger

jeans fashion bloggerjeans fashion bloggerupside-tee-6
jeans fashion bloggerjeans fashion bloggerjeans fashion bloggerWearing: The Upside t-shirt, Bliss & Misschief jeans (both via Matchesfashion), Tommy Hilfiger scarf, Poppy Lissiman bag, Senso shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses.

After a few days of shows in New York, I felt the need to start dressing down. Apart from the heels I’m wearing in this look, the outfit pretty much resembles the perfect day-off ensemble. A casual fashion week outfit for the Tommy Hilfiger show: comfy jeans and a tee, a funky bag to spice up the total. Basic doesn’t necessarily mean boring, and I thought this was perfectly suited for a fashion show too. It’s all about showing your true style, and this kinda look is simply a part of that for me. How amazing are these jeans? I’m obsessed. They don’t really need much accessorizing as they’re super powerful just like they are. The funny bag I got a couple of months back, and saved it for fashion week as the ultimate statement piece. It’s the kind of bag boys will hate and girls will love – at least my boy does. But that’s not going to keep me from wearing it, ay? Anyway, I’m back in Amsterdam now, trying to sort out the million deadlines I have these few weeks, my posting schedule is manic. So forgive me if it’s not all chronological, since I have loads of content from before fashion week even, but also have a bunch of current projects I’d love to share asap. So after New York on Saturday, we’re gonna flash forward to London for a bit on Raspberry & Rouge, before returning to the Big Apple. I might throw Amsterdam in the mix too, who knows. So bare with me here! I’ll try to make as much sense out of the posting as I can, and will explain content and context wherever I can. For now, today, I’ll leave you with these pics. Speak to you again this weekend – I’ve got something really special to share with you on Saturday (bucket-list thingy!).


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