Rebecca Laurey



September 10, 2015


And we’re celebrating in New York City! My first birthday in the city and I couldn’t be happier to spend it here with Ralph, who I get to call my husband for the first time ever on my birthday too. Good things are happening, and I want to make most of the momentum by actually trying to enjoy it. While work and all things fashion throughout this first #NYFW are great, I’m going to take the day off to take in the city. One last time before non-stop shows, presentations and parties the coming few days. The last year has been a good one, but obviously filled with highs and lows. Each year I take a moment to look back, reflect and think of the things I’d love to change or make better. But also to appreciate those moments that were very special, marking milestones for my future. The best thing that happened to me last year was my wedding, by far the best thing. It’s such an honor to get married to your best friend, your support system and man you loved for so many years. So on my birthday, a day that only gets better if I “give” instead of just “receiving” beautiful messages, I want to dedicate this one to him. And to my family and friends who are so supportive of this crazy little life I’m living. I wouldn’t be the same person without all of them, my favorite people in the whole wide world! So instead of making a toast to myself, the birthday girl, I want to say “cheers” to them. And all of you guys of course, for following and supporting me in what I love doing, making my dreams come true! On to the next one!

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