Rebecca Laurey



May 20, 2015
vintage twins new york

vintage twins new yorkvintage twins new yorkvintage twins new yorkvintage twins new yorkvintage twins new yorkvintage twins new yorkvintage twins new yorkWearing: Merrit Charles dress (similar here), The Vintage Twins shirt (similar here), Converse shoes, Larsson & Jennings watch.


One night at sundown in the Meatpacking District, New York. We absolutely didn’t plan on shooting this at that location. But we saw the beautiful light and decided to go for it anyway. Usually I sorta plan what I’m shooting. I have to because of multiple reasons: I want diversity on my blog, plan locations, not bring my heavy camera everywhere etc. But I was already wearing the white dress and since it got quite chilly I wore my newly purchased oversized vintage shirt with it. Not something I would actually “plan” to wear, especially not when shooting, but I sorta love it now. I just works, I think the chemistry between the super casual look and rough background is definitely there. Thus the title of the post “I’m so fancy!” doesn’t really make sense other than the fact that the phrase is printed on the back of my shirt. Life can be so much more fun when it’s more spontaneous and free of obligations. That’s part of the reason I felt so good in New York. I feel like work is taking over my life at some points. And I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but it’s good not to work from time to time to. Really taking time off, I cannot remember when I did that for real. Next to my blog there’s always Instagram and Snapchat (sorry for my absence, which was for this exact reason), I have a hard time of letting go – even if it is for just a few days. So that is something I have to work on for my own sake and that of everyone around me. Is my iPhone really my best friend? I tend to think so but real life doesn’t work like that! And I’m blessed with so many amazing and loving people around me that I should definitely focus on them more than my favorite device when I’m “off-duty”. Emails can wait. Or not, so back at it!

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