Rebecca Laurey



April 14, 2015
karen walker number one

karen walker number onekaren walker number onekaren walker number onekaren walker number onekaren walker number onekaren walker number oneWearing: Filippa K blazer, ASOS top, ASOS jeans, Alexander Wang boots, Karen Walker number one sunglasses, Claris Virot bag.


The stairway to what? Well, I don’t know, but I like to think it’s something special – figuratively speaking. Probably just someone’s entrance, but what’s the fun in realizing that? Anyway, since I’m not really making any sense here, I’ll just get into something different now. About last weekend. We had so much fun! On Saturday I hosted this little friends and family sale, selling a bunch of my (old) stuff. For me this has two sides: obviously it’s sad to say goodbye to my old clothing, but it feels SO good to make someone else happy with it and to create some space in my wardrobe for new things. Big, big succes! So after that spring cleaning we had a really fun night out and about in town, before sleeping in majorly on Sunday. I don’t think I can recall myself staying in bed until noon recently, it felt so good! Although my boyfriend was already up and running for ours, doing some studio work, I really enjoyed a morning off. After some work we decided to go out and have an elaborate brunch nearby and a good walk through the city centre. The weather was amazing, the company the best. I had such a blast, Sundays are meant to be spend like that, right? Sometimes I get so overloaded by work I forget to take time off to wind down. I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not healthy to be doing it all day, every day of the week. So recharged and full of energy I’m starting this last full week in the country finishing up a whole bunch of things before leaving and taking some proper time off very soon. Hope you guys had a good weekend too!

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