Rebecca Laurey



April 10, 2015
denim skirt zara

denim skirt zaradenim skirt zaradenim skirt zaradenim skirt zaradenim skirt zaradenim skirt zaradenim skirt zaradenim skirt zaraWearing: Monki top (similar here), Levi’s bandana (similar here), ZARA 70s denim skirt (similar here), PUMA shoes, Larsson & Jennings watch, Jimmy Choo bag (almost the same here).


Lucky number 43. The title actually doesn’t really make sense, other than me posing in front of a random number 43 in Amsterdam South. Spring has finally sprung guys! And today promises to be the best so far, so bare legs it is. Those of you who’ve been following me for a while now might know that I’m all for shorts and skirts over skinnies. I love the spring/summer season – it’s definitely my fave of all! So, about the outfit. My boyfriend was majorly in doubt about this skirt when he first saw me wearing it. And I get that. The length is very in-between, the cut a bit momsy, not very sexy. And then the fabric: isn’t denim supposed to be for long length jeans and jackets? No people, we’re wearing denim skirts this season (sorry Ralph!), in all shapes and lengths. And I’m loving it! I wore a different one last year already, and I feel like we’re jumping back in time to my time in high school where you didn’t count as cool without one. The first time I ever bought a denim skirt, I remember it so well, was with my mom at Zara. She told me she wasn’t sure about my new obsession and asked me to bend over in the skirt of my choice to prove that I couldn’t without showing my “assets”. Yes, very true, it was very short, but I bought it anyway. I just had to make sure I didn’t drop anything so I didn’t have to bend over. Not exactly sure why I’m telling you this but I figured it was a fun little anecdote showing you how long and much I’ve been into these numbers. What do you think?

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