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June 22, 2013

mango leather jacket
zara striped skirtmango leather jacketzara striped skirtmango leather jacketWearing: Mango jacket, ZARA skirt (similar here and here), Forever XXI top, Nike shoes, COOEE cuff.

When I was going to this festival the other day, I was wearing a pair of black-and-white jeans. Passing a few fellow festival goers, I got a comment from a guy running by: “You look like a zebra crossing (really, how can one look like that?), I could walk all over you”. This phrase was both the weirdest and unflattering comment I ever got on an outfit. And it kept twirling aroung in my head the past few weeks. Obviously I know I shouldn’t care about what people have to say when it comes to dressing myself, because that’s the one thing that distinguishes me from you on the outside. Everyone should decide for themselves what and how to wear their clothing, it’s a way of expressing yourself after all. The “metaphor” of a zebra crossing was well chosen though, because I tend to look at my surroundings, wherever I am across the world. Whether it be buildings, streets, colors of the houses, you name it. I can find inspiration everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. In honor of this comment, the guy should know what his comment did to me haha, another striped outfit. Just because I love it, and I don’t care. So there you go, shot by my girl Zanita. Damn girl you did it again!

Ph. by Zanita

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